10,000 Twitter Followers In a Day

10,000 Twitter Followers In a Day

Thanks for the Followers – but really you shouldn’t have…

So here’s the story – Having recently decided to promote myself and my services as just me (krisharris.co.uk); I decided to go solo on Twitter with a brand new account.

The Strategy
The first thing that I decided to do was to follow some friends of mine who I knew would be interested in what I was doing, I also knew that they would follow me back making my account worthy of a good read as it would be interactive.

My next batch of follows went out to clients that I had previously worked with who I knew would be interested in following me and listening to my rants.

During the last few weeks I have met some lovely people whilst carrying out my SEO Consultancy duties, and have started to build some great friendships. I’ll give the latest batch a shout out as I like them so much…

Make sure you follow these guys:

So things where ticking along nicely, slow – but steady and of some great worth – UNTIL I told a friend who is a little computer savvy that I was hoping to increase my Twitter following. After logging into my account this morning (Sunday 23rd July) I realised that my following had increased to over 10,000 followers, and I hadn’t even tweeted anything for over 24hrs – not bad you say!

The Cause
Well if they really liked me and were the slightest bit interested in what I had to say I would be over the moon, chuffed, and feeling slightly big headed to top it off. The fact is though after telling my friend about this website www.fivesquid.co.uk he decided to HELP me out. Yes thats right he bought me 10,000 Twitter followers for a fiver……. AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!

Image saying The Result
Some people may think that this is fine and now my Twitter profile has loads of followers – and yes it does. The only problem is they are all fake accounts that aren’t ever going to be any good as they are not updated and look really poor when you are trying to pass for a professional who knows what they are doing in a social media field. Thanks Friend (No don’t worry I will not name and shame – Paul)

The Aftermath
I am now frantically trying to block all these accounts out of my Twitter account now, but am told that I can only do a few each day as it will trigger a filter in Twitter and my account will be suspended. So if I didn’t have enough to do already I will now be adding this to my daily chore chart.

The Moral
Don’t tell your friends that you need more Twitter followers…..

3 thoughts on “10,000 Twitter Followers In a Day”

  1. Oh dear!!

    Precisely why I tell my clients that I am not interested in working with them if their primary objective is getting as many followers as possible. It is easily done, but REALLY not worth it.

    Hope you can get it sorted, might be worth deleting that account and starting again..

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