The Best Norwich, Norfolk SEO Agencies of 2021

Looking for an SEO Agency Norwich, Norfolk? Then this is the guide for you.

I have listed some of the best SEO agencies in Norwich, Norfolk of 2021 (Disclaimer* – my opinion only). This is not a definitive list of all the SEO Companies in the local area, but a guide of who, in my opinion offers the most effective SEO services that will enhance your online reputation, and increase your search visibility.

SEO Agency Norwich - Norfolk

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has evolved so much in the last 10 years, and goes far beyond selecting a few keywords and trying to land the number 1 spot in Google. Every search almost-always delivers a different result. The results can be dependent on numerous factors such as your IP location, your search history, the device you are searching on, and many other factors. This means your Digital Marketing Strategy needs to be multifaceted and multi-channelled.

SEO alone is not the answer to promoting your website and building your brand online. SEO is a slow process, one that takes time, patience and commitment from you – the business owner. It needs to be combined with Social Marketing (Brand, Voice & Reputation) and Content Marketing (Authority, PR, Exposure) to be really effective.

All of the Norwich SEO Agencies that I have listed in my Top 5 have the ability to action a multi-channel approach to an effective SEO and online marketing strategy. These SEO Companies are not the cheapest around; but they are in my opinion the best that Norwich has to offer.

How I selected the Top 5 Local Norwich SEO Agencies

Having worked in the SEO industry for over 15 years, I have seen many companies start and leave the SEO circuit locally in Norwich and Norfolk. I watch, listen and follow what they do, and how they do it. I have attended seminars where some of the agencies have spoken, and I have had contact with many local business owners who sing the praises of SEO agencies they have used to good effect. Similarly, I hear horror stories of over promising and under delivering locally too, and although I will not mention names; unfortunately, there are those that who still shroud online marketing in mystery; rather than offering a transparent approach to the work they carry out.

All the SEO Agencies in my Top 5 adhere to Google Guidelines and I’m confident to say that all the techniques and strategies they use are white-hat and ethical, which will not harm your website in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages)

Top SEO Agency Norwich

So let’s get down to it. Here are my Top 5 SEO Agencies of 2021 in Norwich, Norfolk. (these are in no particular order as they all offer a top service to their clients and are extremely knowledgeable and effective at what they do!)

SEO Agency Norwich, Norfolk - Fountain Partnership

Fountain Partnership
Fountain are a multi-award winning digital agency that have been established here in Norwich since 2009. They have grown in size considerably over the years and have offices here in Norwich and London. They specialise in delivering content driven campaigns across many different platforms building brand authority for their clients. They have won the Google Global Award for Best Growing Business online and continue to grow in success.

SEO Agency Norwich, Norfolk - Further

Further Search Marketing
Established in 2006 Further are one of the more well renowned SEO Agencies in Norwich. They have additional offices in London and Cambridge and offer a full range of SEO Services. They currently run campaigns in over 40 countries.
Services offered: Digital Marketing Strategy, Organic Search, Google Penalty Removal and Recovery Service, Paid Digital, Content Marketing, Digital PR and Outreach, Conversion Optimisation, Data Analysis & International Digital Marketing

SEO Agency Norwich, Norfolk - Candour

Candour are another Award winning SEO company based in Norwich, Norfolk. They are a full service digital agency offering everything from brand creation right through to digital marketing. On another note Mark Cook their Director & Search Specialist regularly creates some interesting seo pod casts, so go check them out – they are definitely worth a listen.
Services offered: Brand & Creative, Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing

SEO Agency Norwich, Norfolk - Selesti

Selesti have some big clients and deliver results. They are a big team and can handle most sized projects in-house. They have 2 offices, one here in Norwich and the other in London.
Services offered: Digital Strategies, SEO, Paid Search, Branding, Website Design & Development.

The Best SEO Agency in Norwich, Norfolk

KH Digital 
KH Digital is the SEO Agency side of the business. Of course I would say that they are one of the best SEO agencies in Norwich and Norfolk. The agency was born out of the need to offer a number of services that compliment my SEO Consultancy & SEO training services. Many clients required new web builds or further web development, Paid advertising campaigns and Social Media to enhance their overall SEO strategies and campaigns. I found it easier to employ specialists within these areas and work together to bring a more multi-faceted approach. Our Norwich SEO Agency are specialists at Local Search and providing affordable SEO solutions for almost every budget. Go check them out.

Choosing the right Norwich SEO Agency?

Before selecting a local SEO Agency Norwich to carry out any works, you need to make sure that they can deliver the right strategy for your business. My post on what to consider before starting an SEO campaign can give you some starting points for consideration. Once you have shortlisted the companies that you feel would be able to deliver your goals you need to ask them a few key questions.

10 Questions to ask a Norwich SEO Agency

1) Do you guarantee me top spot positions on Google?

They should answer: Nobody can guarantee results in Google, but what we can do for you is…..

2) How long before I start seeing results?

They should answer: It really depends on how competitive your niche is but on average around 3 – 6 months.

3) Are any of your clients in my industry or niche?

They should answer: No but we do have experience in a similar area, and we suggest…..

4) Will you be outsourcing any elements of the SEO strategy?

They should answer: No or yes we will be outsourcing to a trusted partner in this particular area (Transparency is key here)…..

5) How will you know which keywords I need to target?

They should answer: We will carry out a thorough keyword research phase, looking at visitor intent and competition levels  …..

6) What type of link acquisition tactics do you use??

They should answer: We are content centred foremost to attract natural links. We can also do PR outreach to gain links that will never gain mistrust with Google, hurting your online presence.

7) How many hours will you spend on my campaign each month?

They should answer: The answer will depend on the amount you are spending each month. Your chosen SEO Agency should be able to break down exactly what time they will be spending in each area.

8) Will you re-write and add content each month to my website?

They should answer: We have some great in-house copywriters who can create engaging content for your users or we know of some great copywriters who can help you with content.

9) How long will you spend on analysing and reporting each month?

They should answer: Analysis and reporting are built in to your campaign and we will measure results against your goals.

10) What is your process for ranking my website?

They should answer: We start our process by getting to know your business and your ideal customer before starting any works. Then we can give you a detailed strategy that will use multiple channels to convert your visitors into paying customers.

Now that you have read my guide to the Top SEO Agency Norwich Norfolk you should be armed with enough information to approach one of the agencies to confidently start your SEO Campaign.

*Like I said previously, this list of recommended Local SEO agencies is based on my own personal opinion and I cannot be held responsible for any bad experiences encountered.

Similarly if you feel that there deserves to be a mention of another fantastic SEO Agency Norwich, Norfolk that has really helped boost your traffic and online presence, then please use the form below to submit their details, and why you think they should be added to the list – and I will add them to the mix.

SEO Agency FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

An SEO Agency is a company that offers Search Engine Optimisation Services to website owners to increase their online visibility and grow their organic traffic.

An SEO Agency will use a variety of proven methods to increase the presence of a website within the Search Engines. This can range from Technical SEO Audits, Content Creation and Link Building strategies.

This depends on your business goals. If you are a local business working in a niche market then you could benefit more from SEO Training or work with an SEO Consultant to show you how to optimise your website yourself. If you are working in more competitive market places then yes – an SEO Agency is a must. They will have the manpower and expertise to drive your SEO campaign far more effectively than an individual person.