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SEO Training Courses – Norwich, Norfolk

You have a website… Now what? – you’ve come to realise the saying “build it and they will come” has not quite come to fruition yet the thought of contacting an SEO agency to take care of your business online is going to be both daunting and expensive… Let me guess – That’s why you are interested in a SEO Training Course?

Why choose my SEO training?

As an SEO Consultant I spend a lot of time working with individual business owners, marketing departments, and agencies of all sizes teaching them; not only how Google works, but most importantly how to promote their businesses successfully online.

My SEO Training Courses are ideal for businesses in Norwich & Norfolk, as I am locally based and have access to training rooms to fit up to 10 persons.

I offer group training, 1 to 1 courses, and bespoke courses that are individually tailored to your business needs and knowledge of SEO. My SEO Training Courses are carried out in a relaxed yet professional manner and will give you all the tools to start effectively promoting your website.

Not only will I give you SEO Training that’s effective but I’ll also feed and water you along your way as each of my courses include lunch and refreshments.

What my SEO course covers:

  • What are Search Engines & how do they work?
  • Finding keywords that are profitable / keyword topics & intent.
  • Implementing on-page SEO elements.
  • Writing for the search engines and visitor.
  • UX and calls to actions.
  • Speed optimisation – what to consider.
  • Competitor analysis and link di-section.
  • Effective link acquisition
  • Creating an SEO strategy.
  • Using Social Media
  • Free Google Tools

If you like the sound of attending one of my local Norwich & Norfolk SEO Training Courses then please Get in Touch.

Alternatively if you do not fancy a human approach you can visit Moz for an online learning experience.

SEO Training FAQs

Below you will find a few of the questions that I am usually asked in respects to my SEO Training course. If you have any further questions regarding how I can tailor a course to your specific requirements or would like to book a course, please get in touch

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Is learning SEO worth it?

Absolutely, even if you are not going to implement or carry out the optimisations yourself. Having knowledge and understanding on how search engines work and the process required to successfully optimise a website will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your online marketing strategies.

Can I not just teach myself SEO?

Of course you can. With a lot of commitment and trial and error, anybody can teach themselves how to carry out SEO. Learning to become effective though, will cost you your time. That is why I suggest attending a course run by a professional who has been working within the industry for a while. This will allow you to just learn the important elements that can gain quick results.

What are the benefits of learning SEO?

The benefits are massive but only if you are prepared to put into action what you have learnt on the course. Like any course you will be bombarded with lots of information and that's why I offer ongoing support after attending one one my courses. You will get a full training guide with cheat sheets and checklists for you to keep once you have completed the training.

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